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Floor price returns the Shenzhen year ago to invest a guest but " cut the flesh
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Although will look from data, shenzhen is secondhand of room market clinch a deal the quantity begins to pick up somewhat. But actually, "Warm wind " under the exterior phenomenon that frequency blows, masking much investment objective however " cut the flesh " undersell, break even for the current situation that run away.

Reporter from Shenzhen each intermediary orgnaization understands, the adjustment of Shenzhen building city already made the capital of the person that large quantities of speculation buy a room hard hold together, many investment objectives are helpless can be attracted only with depreciating means live oneself demand buys the home, of partial section clinch a deal on average the price drops even 3 into.

The data that according to Shenzhen beauty couplet property offers shows, shenzhen is secondhand May room market clinchs a deal posture begins to pick up. Up to stopped on May 18, secondhand the room clinchs a deal amount relatively the corresponding period rose April about 3 into. And from the point of the price, up to stopped on May 18, shenzhen is secondhand of room market clinch a deal all price still goes low continuously. Current market clinchs a deal all valence is 12137.6 yuan / square metre, annulus comparing glides apparently.

Show according to public data, the price of house of Shenzhen skill room April is passed relatively adjust substantially, basic already fall after a rise arrives last year 2, the level March. Be in in the past period of overheat of Shenzhen building city, the person that investment demand buys a room is occupied than about 60% , behave for the most part among them fry a room for short line spec, this occupies 90% scale to choose in the person that investment buys a room partly " the bank borrows money " as financing source. Wait for building city to appear bigger when adjusting, hope for originally use speed to give the profitting person that fry a room quickly, not only be faced with nobody to receive dish corner, more as a result of the capital pressure that deals with bank loan to bring about cannot hold together place holds property.

According to property of Shenzhen beautiful couplet Yuan of chief inspector of collect lake area has the introduction newly, area is at present secondhand of room market clinch a deal all valence already reduced 15%-20% , depreciate the trend of undersell is very clear. If some is high-grade building dish owner, last year with 20000 yuan / the unit price of square metre buys even more the building that 100 square metre control dish, a few days ago with 17000 yuan / the price of square metre clinchs a deal, deficit number is as high as about 500 thousand yuan under photograph comparing. "The fund of adventurer of this kind of short line stands ability normally weaker, once credit policy produces pressure to its, can choose only ' cut the flesh ' means get off one's hands. " Yuan Xin has express. In addition, loan buys the investor of many property, although choose " raise a room in order to hire " , but fall in the circumstance that at present hire income balances hard with the cost that offer a building, also can choose undersell only. "Even owner feels honest that he cannot support go down, can abandon property breaking only for running away. Can abandon property breaking only for running away..
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