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Second commerce of the foreign trader after borrowing is praedial invest 23% inv
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The investment with praedial to Russia commerce foreign country increased 2.5 times 2007, achieve 15 billion dollar, 18% what occupy a foreign country to invest amount to Russia.

Second borrow the crisis city of building of your United States appeared to die greatly dish evidence, as second borrow storm to be swept across to European mainland, the building city of European each country begins to touch the pillow in succession downward, among them, the national the situation of a disaster such as the England with building city the biggest bubble, Spain is the heaviest, and one of a few favorite that Russia becomes European building city.

Russia news agency reports, service of investment of ColliersInternational advisory company and commerce are praedial Ximu Jiaxiyefu says office manager mark, 2007 amount to the foreign commerce of 15 billion dollar is praedial in investment, the money investment commerce that has 60% is praedial, 23% investment office building, 12% investment guesthouse, 5% investment storehouse.

Jiaxiyefu still points out, investment project amount grows somewhat in recent years: Increased on average 2003 8000 to 10 thousand square metre, increased 25 thousand square metre 2007 taller even. In addition, office building market rises continuously, increased 1.5 million square metre 2007. He points out, the office that there is about 75% last year is built in Muscovite downtown beyond.

Jiaxiyefu expresses: "A kind with B kind office building demands exceeds supply, this brings about hire to rise. Hire continues to rise now, 2007 is 1999 since office building hire rises one year the fiercest, a kind with B kind office building hire rose 35% to 40% . A kind with B kind office building hire rose 35% to 40% ..

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