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Financial camp has not break discretion of Shanghai estate business to treat the
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The whole world intermediate quantity couplet is in one of firms of adviser of 5 big estate yesterday all right Shanghai releases " Taiwan estate: Two sides " 3 " the new scope of operation after " point out, after ****** candidate Ma Yinjiu is elected as Taiwan authorities leader, mainland investor enters market of the estate inside the island to will be faced with more good luck.

Should predict all right, the benefit that suffers land endowment to will be entered is very exciting, the hire of Taiwan office building that did not go up 3 years in the past, hopeful rises this year 20% , rise next year 15% .

Nevertheless, the personage inside Shanghai real estate thinks, two ground introduce the mainland and Taiwan each other capital undertakes landed development, still have not broken camp, and return rate of hire of Shanghai office building is higher, whether to enter Taiwan to undertake landed investment still needs to think carefully.

Land endowment anticipates exciting Taiwan is landed

Since 2002, the member that Taiwan authorities opens condition alien buys the estate that is not for private use, include the residence and commercial estate among them. But mainland investor is entered there still are all sorts of limitations inside the island, market of Taipei office building lacks external demand, hire growth lacks motivation.

It is reported, 2004 end arrives 2005, taipei appeared building of 101 buildings, unified international building and new smooth the people's livelihood in all the new supply of 225 thousand square metre, and induct a quantity every year only 80 thousand to 100 thousand square metre, beg for be more than restrained growth of hire of Taipei office building.

Intermediate measures the data that couplet offers all right to show, the four seasons spent hire of office building of Taipei first class 2007 350 dollars / square metre / year, and hire of office building of first class of Shanghai of the corresponding period already achieved 500 dollars / square metre / year.

Ma Yinjiu is entering into an election contest put forward when Taiwan authorities leader, land endowment will be opened to invest the estate inside the island after be elected. On April 21, the 8 mainlands land agent such as Pan Shige of president of SOHO China limited company forms a delegation go to a stage to inspect landed market. To this, taiwan estate market all gives positive response, among them Taipei 101 buildings from last year November up to now hire rises to already exceeded 30% .

Noted economist Lang Xianping expresses when investment climate of house property of the Taiwan before speaking of eye, it is the optimal opportunity that business of mainland estate development invests to Taiwan at present. He says, it is with Hong Kong experience exemple, once two sides " 3 " , taiwan economy will break up litre, prospective economy distant view also flourishs incline to, building city, stock market can have impressive performance.
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