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Cross-strait classics trade warms up Taiwan estate or into investment heat
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On April 16, taiwan is famous power capital group is in trade business Beijing holds continent industry to go to a stage to invest business chance specification to meet, become " introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Xiao Hui " later hind first Taiwan enterprise that comes to the mainland to undertake capital attraction. In experience successive 8 years after wandering, taiwan economy hopeful is built on the mainland gallops " economic train " , just expecting via be in the Taiwan real estate of trough new round rebound strong.

To the real estate of the mainland, this is a good luck namely, will derive new challenge again.

Taipei " super a person of extraordinary powers curtilage " business of action coming to Beijing

Business specification is enrolled to be able to go up in what group of Taiwan power capital held on April 16, the area of many industry garden that involves a project to include division of power capital group to fall uses the ground. Among them the most eye-catching, should belong to the guild hall of Asia-Pacific business affairs that Taipei ground Wang Zhi says without doubt.

This project is located in have " Taipei Manhadu " the Taipei faith that say plans an area, its periphery building includes exhibition of trade of Taipei municipal government, world, 101 buildings, Xin Guangsan to jump over general merchandise and numerous a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, communication is easy. More important is, asia-Pacific guild hall is whole area the residence of rare survival uses the ground, of the Taiwan that be called " ground king " plot. As a result of plot Founder, area quite big, add function of the life inside the area complete, hold concurrently a finance, recreational, shop, the function such as medical treatment, because this is considered as,rebuild " super a person of extraordinary powers curtilage " optimal base.

Mr Yan Bingli conceals the general manager of company of Taiwan of Dai Deliang travel that is in charge of enrolling business for this project to be favored to this purpose none. "Professional experience of two years tells me, so beautiful plot won't have the 2nd basically to come out again. " he discloses, because was catered to at present a person of extraordinary powers inside the island curtilage upsurge, after the autobiography gives auction message, this plot contest pats the price to be climbed all the way litre. Rise at present pat valence to already was adjusted from 6.9 billion new station money to 14.9 billion.

To investing value, he thinks, at present the generation a person of extraordinary powers on Taiwan market curtilage (general a person of extraordinary powers curtilage) already cannot satisfy plute people demand, turn and ecbolic a the 2nd acting a person of extraordinary powers curtilage (super a person of extraordinary powers curtilage) program and prepare to construct. According to industry hopeful speculation, the Taipei inside two years appears probably every level ground (be equal 3.3 square metre) money of 4 million yuan of new stations (make an appointment with a RMB 930 thousand yuan) the super a person of extraordinary powers of above curtilage.
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