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Investment of Beijing office building drops slightly financial market rectifies
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High power international released 2008 year a few days ago the market reports first quarter. The report points out, be reached the influence of market respect by policy, beijing estate develops investment relatively the corresponding period is small last year drop. Among them, amount of office building investment dropped compared to the same period 1.7% , reach one billion five hundred and seventy-eight million nine hundred and fifty thousand yuan. The corresponding period reduced area ratio of office building of new go into operation last year 18.7% , to 413, 000 square metre.

Market get warm again after a cold spell invests an orgnaization to be fond of high grade property

After passing with the Spring Festival in new year's day gradually get warm again after a cold spell, office building hires Wu activity relatively on more active first quarter with frequent. Hire a guest to basically come from the enterprise crossing a country at course of study of financial negotiable securities and come from the domestic company that waits for an industry at medium advertisement, lawyer, medicine. Office building of high power international Hua of fine horse of dawn of week of ministry assistant director thinks, "Because powerful economy grows the farther dilate with tertiary industy, market of office building investment is active, investment orgnaization still shows strong interest to high grade office building. " Benjinei, beijing has 6 projects complete on office building market, offer for the market in all 390, 290 square metre add an area newly. Among them of CBD area add supply newly bigger, occupy season inside add newly 65.55% what supply gross. Additional, zhongGuanCun area is in successive after two quarters break archives to supply, there are center of innovation of garden of Beijing University science and technology and center of international finance and economics respectively inside season complete of two new projects is entered, offer for the market in all 56, 100 square metre, occupy add newly 14.36% what supply gross.

Inside season, full carry out trades quite active in financial block region, investment orgnaization basically results from insurance and banking, basically clinch a deal a case include: Group of insurance of Chinese Pacific Ocean is bought 2.2 billion yuan with the RMB luxuriant growth by Beijing grand the big large building that estate development limited company develops, total floor area 70, 818 square metre; Limited company of perfect and spatio-temporal liability buys the beautiful that is located in sunny area 700 million yuan with the RMB bright copper city, total floor area 55, 000 square metre; Chinese Guang Dayin buys financial market to accuse the F3 project of an Inc. development all right, total floor area 90, 000 square metre, specific clinch a deal amount have not discloses.

Rate of empty buy of whole of first class office building presents small growth

2008, total new supply will achieve annual of market of Beijing office building 3, 175, 559 square metre, rise compared to the same period 14.65% . High power international studies advisory ministry is in charge of Xie Jingyu to think, a large number of concentration of project of high-end office building are supplied will give the renting market of project of old office building on market to bring more intense competition. The office building of area of central business affairs adds supply newly is 960 thousand square metre, make its area always puts a quantity to lift to 4.31 million square metre. In view of many new supply, predict empty buy of whole of office building of the first class in Beijing led the trend that will continue to present small ascendant growth 2008.
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