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Original partner bans garden of green jade laurel one year carry out expires inv
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After garden of green jade laurel appeared on the market last year, its are primitive partner bans carry out period one year to expire recently, the reopen after a cessation of business after expiring has original partner your writing the first day to sell 50 million, yang Huiyan of large stockholder of garden of green jade laurel eats entirely into.

Garden of green jade laurel (the share that carry out matchs to give an enterprise investor when 2007.HK) appears on the market, expired on April 20 to this year, begin from April 21, investor can sell at any time. Result lift a ban had 50 million to cast that day piece, make the stock of greened jade that day Gui Yuan trades to increase apparently.

Large him stockholder of You Bigui garden takes over the stock that sold that day finally. Garden of green jade laurel released press release to say designedly in the evening that day, large stockholder Yang Huiyan is wholy-owned have " surely win limited company " ate entirely yesterday into this share share, add after holding 50 million, the share of garden of green jade laurel of Yang Huiyan hold is measured by 58.19% add to 58.5% . Press release expresses, add hold share " show main shareholder adequately to develop to company future confident " .

Market respect is received to garden of green jade laurel dish the message is not valued, share price of garden of green jade laurel dropped that day go 6.1% , market prise evaporates inside a day nearly 6.4 billion yuan.

When garden of green jade laurel appeared on the market last year in April, in book of raise capital by floating shares exposure introduced 5 company investor in all at that time, include constant ground (Chairman 0012.HK) Li Zhaoji, new world develops (abundant of Chairman 0017.HK) Zheng Tong, medium Xin Taifu (0267.HK) , Jialiji is round Guo He year reach Singapore Dan Maxi, close in all subscribe 3.5 billion yuan of share. The report before lucky silver is early points out, include these 5 investor inside, share 824 million share, 30% what occupy free turnover about, this share share has been in on April 20 lift a ban.

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