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Building city is adjusted period investment can make work model office building
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Mr Zhang holds the position of tall canal in enterprise of a famous foreign capital, this year 40 years old, yearly salary 500 thousand yuan. He already had live oneself the residence, loan already was paid off, at hand has 2 million yuan of capital to be about to invest estate market about. Mr Zhang is mixed in the residence office building is both in wander, still do not have specific investment target. Limited company of representative of property of Shanghai Central Plains thinks about expert analysis, in light of the circumstance with Mr Zhang, union is current the residence and office building market level, suggest its are OK more attention can make work model office building regards investment as the object.

Investment becomes devoir analyse

Current, this city can make work model the price interval of office building is centered in every square metre more 1.5 reach 28 thousand yuan, the price difference of house of a few region and office building is not big, still appear even " the price is hanged " phenomenon, namely inside same area, office building price wants under residential price. With Wu Ning distance trade group is exemple, in property of carry out office building " greenbelt and achieve " market price is controlled 20 thousand yuan in every square metre, in apartment of leakage of property of carry out residence market price is controlled 25 thousand yuan in every square metre.

Newest on December 21 last year the financial orgnaization RMB after adjusting puts loan standard interest rate, a year period loan is standard interest rate by original 7.29% rise 7.47% , 5 years period above is 7.83% . In the meantime, " the announcement that manages about strengthening commerciality estate credit " regulation, the 2nd (contain) above housing borrows money head pay scale is not gotten under 40% , loan interest rate must not be the same as class under the corresponding period 1.1 times of standard interest rate, and loan head pays to scale and interest rate level should increase along with a cycle of songs in a traditional opera and rise substantially. Business the room borrows money head pay scale is not gotten under 50% , deadline must not exceed 10 years, the corresponding period that loan interest rate must not announce under Chinese people bank is the same as 1.1 times of class interest rate.

By this token, if Mr Zhang chooses to buy the residence, basis policy already cannot enjoy the favourable interest rate of a ring room. Compare with property photograph with office building or other trader, invest the 2nd ring to already did not have interest rate advantage curtilage.

Invest return rate analysis

With 3 years time cycle is calculated, assume Mr Zhang invests the 2nd residence and office building respectively. Go to the lavatory for computation, with Wu Ning distance trade group is exemple, the residence that buys suppose and unit price of office building property all are 20 thousand yuan, property area all is 100 square metre. Cent sum is paid and head pay 1 million yuan, the rest of 3 years period loan two kinds of circumstances. As a result of the 2nd the residence and business the loan of the room is standard interest rate is consistent, here computation is numeric but common.
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