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Investment daily record: Begin to invest house property 30 years old to become m
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Youngster " map " it is an investment objective that has brains very much, the house property that he invests is in mostly Pudong, although he has " iron is empty " father, but head of his house property investment let him 30 years old stride the cavalcade of multimillionaire, the exercise that looking please is him below --

Begin buying and selling 3 years several houses,

Buy Hua Yangyuan 3 years 100 smooth, 780 thousand (from housing)

Bought the 5th highway 4 years in November 75 smooth, 840 thousand (common after decorating, rent)

Bought 5 years in November east field room of 3 villages husband 38 smooth 420 thousand (the dare-to-die troops that copy a bottom)

Arrived 7 years in March between April sell gave Hua Yangyuan 1.28 million, sell went out east field 3 villages 680 thousand, at that time the 5th highway also is sincerity undersell, but nobody is received dish

Bought some a person of extraordinary powers 7 years in May curtilage 570 much (the double entry of community of international of green jade cloud, world luxuriant lakeside) add agree duty to wait adjacent 6 million. (Stare at 6 years got on a few favorite, bought 7 years among them)

Sold a the 5th highway 8 years in April (at present market price at least 1.8 million above)

Was opposite, of the 5th highway clinch a deal the price is 1.85 million,

Because do low house price, (Accomplished the price of average house actually, intermediary has skill really)

So 1.76 million clean in one's hand, already included intermediary cost.

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