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Reciprocal of growth of Shanghai estate investment is first-rate mark incident i
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Macroscopical adjusting control is being shown gradually to the influence of domestic land market, amplitude of price of domestic main town is showing posture of fall after a rise. According to the concerned information of ministry of land natural resources, this year first quarter, price of our country main city rises than going up quarter somewhat fall after a rise, partial city appears negative growth and 0 growth. Action of partial city land bids in the process, already appeared again and again hang out one's shingle phenomenon of plot shedding mark.

[The whole nation]

Much city plot hangs out his shingle unmanned make inquires occupies sell one's own things statistic, integrated price level is countrywide main city first quarter every square metre 1778 yuan, annulus comparing rises 1.54% , go up than last year the four seasons is spent low 1.67 percent. Integrated increase rate is in the price of 38 cities of countrywide centrally - 3.00% to 3.00% between, 83% what occupy the city that monitor about. The city is integrated price level appears the city of negative growth is ordinal it is lake city - 7.07% , Fosan city suitable heart - 2.56% , Xiamen - 1.46% , Dongguan - 0.63% , Chengdu - 0.57% , lake of overgrown with weeds - 0.11% ; Additional, the integrated price increase rate of Xining, Lanzhou, Fuzhou is 0.

Development business drops enthusiasticly what take the ground apparently, before lively and extraordinary domestic land action bids performing ceaselessly " shed mark " incident, according to the message that branch of natural resources of each district land releases, since this year, the main city such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing appeared to hang out one's shingle in succession plot of sell one's own things the situation of unmanned make inquires, many 40 of main city hang out his shingle plot of sell one's own things already shed mark early or late.

The dynamic system that monitor is opposite Chinese city price after countrywide key area and main city monitor a result to analyse, forecast, countrywide city price is total first quarter horizontal amplitude under last year first quarter level, also under last year level of each quarter amplitude. But price level goes up on the whole this year, living price trend is steady.


Will of capital of development business steam again is apparent price rises the backside of impetus hasten delay is the confidence inadequacy with development global business, in Shanghai building city, develop capital of business steam again, wait-and-see market future walks along the state of mind of situation more apparent. Last week, progress of city of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and environmental research center were released 2008 " estate blue book " , " estate blue book " point out, investment of development of whole of Shanghai estate market dropped 2007 apparent, predicting future supplies a likelihood two years hasten is close.

According to statistic, 2007, shanghai finishs estate development to invest one hundred and thirty billion seven hundred and fifty-three million yuan, grow compared to the same period for 2.5% , amplitude adds 0.2 percent slightly compared to the same period. And the whole nation in January 2007 portion - estate development investment grew 31.8% November, add fast rise compared to the same period 7.8 percent.
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