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How long can be Beijing house price still maintained? 2010 hopeful get warm agai
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Fictitious round-table, this is an actual platform -- " Beijing youth signs up for wide mansion times " brand-new column " wide mansion is round-table " place the market, every time topic general is guided by the heat topic of estate market, popular figure or some market phenomenon, catch fresh building city trends, discuss new concept, deduce incident conflict. On this platform, development business, scholar and the person that buy a room but heat of straight face market, talk landed topic in all. No matter you are resided high " temple hall " still be in personally " all corners of the country " , all can be in " wide mansion is round-table " before chest of straight express bosom, pass the problem communication of compere, collide with different point of view, make buy room person many sober judgement and ad cool-headed hold, let buy the way that room person understands building city real situation many times.

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● setting ●

On August 24, beijing Olympic Games is luxuriant conclude, after the whole nation is celebrated together, building dish develop business people begin to be anxious for the grim situation of estate market again. Capital floor city clinchs a deal during the Olympic Games the volume drops to nearly 3 years of nadirs, since half month after the Olympic Games, building dish sale state although somewhat improvement but still far under anticipate, let numerous right " hind Olympic Games " the development business that building city places very big hope to one's great diappointment. As Shanghai, Shenzhen many buildings dish " dark fall change bright fall " , discount extent is lifted repeatedly " earthquake " involute situation, all along opposite and gentle Beijing a tower over a city gate dish bear ability already also was close to the limit. Look in a lot of people, market of at present estate is backwater it seems that, the situation that house price will still drop continuously already " Buddhist templeput on the brakes " did not live.

"Whether can the government move to save city? " " how many does house price still have to drop space? " " the ice and snow of cold winter of capital floor city when ability melt? And where is the spring that building city anabiosises again? " these nowadays experts are discussed ceaselessly, development business longs for painstakingly every day, the topic that the person that buy a room examines minutely from beginning to end, affecting the nerve of whole real-estate industry. Be aimed at the ten million look that bets to go up in building city, authoritative personage and development business are in this period " wide mansion is round-table " before each airs his own views...

● this period honored guest

Lin Jie of president of great exploit adviser

Inferior Wang Peimin of president of orgnaization of a person of extraordinary powers

Beijing too and protect promote estate to develop Fu Qian of limited company general manager

● Lin Jie: Effect of adjusting control policy shows Ying Jing not completely still to watch its to change
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