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Hangzhou: Hill of Weng putting in order melt office building of? of salary of th
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4 yuan / month) rose 7.12% .

Arch villa area and on of the city zone rent clinch a deal the week before quantity annulus is compared has 21.43% and of 7.14% rise, the others each area clinchs a deal measure what all have certain extent to glide. Average rent level is each area respectively: Go up the city zone 1742 yuan / next month, the city zone 2147 yuan / area of month, west lake 2394 yuan / area of villa of month, arch 1889 yuan / area of month, Jiang Gan 1775 yuan / month, bank river area 1630 yuan / month. Among them, west lake area, bank the week before the hire level annulus of river area is compared has relatively substantially rise.

Although clinch a deal,the quantity glides somewhat, but hire level is rising continuously however. I love research center of my home market to rent red of department chief Zhaogan to say, as a result of before the abidance of several weeks of markets that rent is hot, make partial landlord begins to carry valence, this is pulled directly a few taller of the popular village that rent clinch a deal the price. On the other hand, as a result of close the office building of paragraph of time Hangzhou urban district clinchs a deal the situation is valued, the part clinchs a deal with high price, pull on certain also level tall the hire level of whole town.

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