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Bridal chamber price is approached secondhand house price Dongguan is secondhand
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"Present secondhand room market sends midwinter evidence, not within the foreseeable future of market a favourable turn, cannot see a hope. " middle-level of orgnaization of a famous intermediary told a reporter so a few days ago. Depressed, he still says, with hot last year secondhand market phase is compared, this year secondhand the room trades quantity it may be said was inferior to in January in January, business development foreground is dim, who to see can be boiled a few more for a long time nowadays. Recently, the reporter visited orgnaization of a few intermediary, also confirmed this one view.

The current situation

Bridal chamber price " approach " secondhand house price

Dongchengzhong new residential quarter of heart, Dong Taihua garden, garden, south of the area such as garden of city shopping mall, Jiang Bin secondhand the room is Dongguan city tradition is secondhand the room trades flourishing ground, suffer price of floor of house of Dongguan city skill to innovate to be affected lowly repeatedly however, of these area trade measure apparent decadent to shrink. The reporter understands in investigation, depreciate to be compared with bridal chamber, secondhand the room appears " strong " a lot of, this also causes the quote of room of hand of just a little to be close to more and more, individual and secondhand house quoted price appears even the strange phenomenon that exceeds skill room.

As we have learned, gold of highway of Dongguan of the city zone ends a floor area is the commodity house of 175 square metre inside the country south, its sell valence is 1.5 million yuan, those who add many yuan on 20 trade cost, every square metre sells unit price is amounted to 10000 multivariate, the price of partial bridal chamber that this one quote makes work than be in at present is even high.

East Dong Baolu of the city zone is azure what card of a house property did not cross astral lake village 5 years is secondhand room, the floor area of 108 square metre quotes 570 thousand yuan, add on 70 thousand yuan or so trade cost, every square metre sells unit price most amount to 5900 multivariate, this price the institution of higher learning with no less than more advantageous geography the price of a the beginning of the year.

In addition, the Jiang Bin garden that is located in highway of 鰲 of gold of area of 10 thousand rivers is secondhand house quoted price also is put in phenomenon of on the high side, the 2 rooms of a 68 square metre 2 office unit, receive valence to be 280 thousand yuan actually, if add,hand in easy charge, clinch a deal valence is in at least above of square metre of 4600 yuan of / , this doubler than what Yue bay rolled out recently be restricted room (3470 - square metre of 4200 yuan of / ) maximum price should be controlled 300 yuan too much.

Area of 10 thousand rivers gets an agent of X property to tell a reporter, since this year, very much new building dish price goes generally low, and glide range is too big, weakened directly secondhand the price advantage of the room. Special what invest in house price fastigium is secondhand room source, because owner is hard to accept lose money in business to depreciate reality, also bring about thereby individual and secondhand house price is more expensive than skill room.
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