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Anxiously expect house price reason to return to sex of structure of Shenzhen bu
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The essence that compose sex adjusts is the price rational regression to value -- dominance value, rigid value is greater, house price is stronger.

Different building dish because area pledges element, a sector of an area pledges configuration of resource of element, form a complete set, product or the difference that develop commodity card, the difference of different level was shown on price level and sale plan. Make an on-the-spot investigation from this one angle, price of the house outside inside Shanghaiguan adjusts extent to have not, differ an area and a sector of an area adjust extent to have not.

Accordingly, to Shenzhen building city, we cannot one knife is cut. Buy course of study person the understanding of development posture thinking that wants pair of markets, to the value of different area and a sector of an area need forms correct judgement.

Epicycle adjusts implementation economy " soft landing "

Adjusting control of market of on one round of estate lasts to 1998 from 1993, full 6 years of time, when does this second adjusting control see outcome after all? Analyse the macroscopical setting that epicycle building city adjusts, with compared 1993, although be,the building city 2008 is adjusted in the height paragraph abrupt make a radical change is entered drop passageway, but no matter present estate market is from market dimensions, still be adjusted expressional manner, had produced marked change, main show is at 4 o'clock.

Above all, interpose method is different. 1993 to restrain economic overheat, basically rely on administrative measure to undertake interpose to the market, adopt in the center of excessive from tight monetary policy, real-estate loan calls in entirely, causing macroscopical economy is on name " soft landing " , cause economy to last 3 years actually flat " hard-land " . And to estate this the macroscopical adjusting control of the industry basically is with economy method adjustment is given priority to, administrative measure adjusts for complementary, do one's best realizes macroscopical economy " soft landing " , protective real-estate industry grows to healthy, stable direction.

Next, market dimensions is different. The estate market dimensions 1993 returns confine to wait in big talk, Shenzhen, the North sea a few develop littoral city, market dimensions is lesser, the concussion that adjusting control causes to macroeconomic is local only; Through development of more than 10 years, estate already became one of pillar industries of national economy, the concussion that macroscopical adjusting control causes will affect all big cities even 23 lines city.

Again, expressional kind is different. 1993 when estate adjusting control, a lot of projects still lie land one class market, did not undertake the development of large area, the fund that invests business investment is limited, adjusting control basically is to be aimed at land the bubble of one class market; And this second adjusting basically is be aimed at building city itself, it is building city bubble is blown tall hind the result of action of happening of law of value.
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