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Shenyang market has a dot " blood pressure is high " price of house of second ha
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Business with " the pig is firm " from analogy, drinking rainwater to gnawing charcoal to wait to come to help, more somebody is taking house price to drop cause financial venture for thing, use both hard and soft tactics wants " force " governmental give in. Regrettablly they when is central one restatement " continue from close " , the person that buy a room also the move such as be eager for doing sth more " reasonable " price, suffer countrywide building city low confused influence, shenyang building city is not salty all the time since first half of the year not weak. Does price of house of second half of the year go situation how? We can analyse from the following angle look:

Shenyang house price is in " rise blandly " level, house price rises to put delay footstep apparently.

From June 2008 the portion is newest in light of the statistical data that announce, price of room of Shenyang commodity room is 3826 yuan / square metre, be in historical maximum price. Since 8 years first half of the year commodity house price of every month go up be in a few yuan, and 7 years commodity house price rises many be in 100 yuan even three yuan, go up very big. This shows, shenyang house price is far rise without what other city resembles diving type with drop, becoming healthily rise development.

Construction cost rises almost final, will bring about house price cost to rise from this.

In July 2008 portion, index of producer price of PPI(industrial product) rise compared to the same period 10% , be risen by PPI building, corresponding construction cost will rise further. From future a paragraph of period looks, for the China of the developing country, need a large number of housing materials to undertake the city is built, and only support is self-sufficient be to cannot satisfy oneself demand, many housing materials needs to rely on an entrance, like the world the iron ore of 50% will furnish China, rigid to iron ore demand brings about entrance iron ore to rise ceaselessly. After Sichuan earthquake rebuild large-scaly, be sure to increase the demand to rolled steel, go up objectively caused China to be increased further to the demand of housing materials. Accordingly, inside a paragraph of period of predicting future, housing materials price will rise continuously.

Supply rises compared to the same period, clinch a deal the volume drops compared to the same period, the market has a dot " blood pressure is high " .

8 years first half of the year, shenyang commodity house clinchs a deal the quantity is five million seven hundred and seventy-two thousand three hundred square metre, appear on the market the volume rises compared to the same period 39.72% , sale is five million four hundred and six thousand two hundred square metre, sale drops compared to the same period 2.15% . Supply is built as the ceaseless development of real-estate project, moving toward the market is a kind inevitable. Of supply reducing basically is to get turn of countrywide house price " dot " influence, the house price that nods with the attention of the whole people will continue to rise, wait-and-see attitude is strong, force clinch a deal the volume drops, market pressure is increased, appear " blood pressure is high " the tendency.
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