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Interest rate reduces room slave pressure to reduce price of peaceful wave house
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Golden loan interest rate also immediately is reduced. Is the new change of financial policy right why does estate market bring the Ning Bo in adjusting to plant influence? The reporter is development business, bank, secondhand to Ning Bo the relevant personage such as the room intermediary business, person that buy a room undertook interviewing.


Interest rate is reduced 4 years first

Since September 16, 2008, the Central Bank reduces a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly; Deposit is fiducial interest rate keeps changeless. Since September 25, 2008, outside be not being reduced except of short duration of bank of industrial and commercial bank, agriculture bank, Bank of China, construction, transportation bank, postal savings bank, other bank savings kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB is led reduce a percent, reserve of deposit of orgnaization of finance of legal person of place of heavy disaster area of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is led reduce 2 percent. According to reporter understanding, this is come 4 years interest rate is reduced first.

And make urgently reduce in the Central Bank " double rate " hind, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction also immediately releases an announcement, with respect to individual housing accumulation fund loan interest rate undertakes be adjustmented accordingly. The announcement expresses, interest rate of loan of individual housing accumulation fund also immediately is reduced. Among them, 5 years period the following (contain 5 years) by active 4.77% adjust 4.59% , reduce 0.18 percent; 5 years period above by active 5.22% adjust 5.13% , reduce 0.09 percent.


Citizen " raise a room " pressure reduces cost of development business loan to reduce

Interest rate is reduced make mortgage the citizen that buys a room to will be reduced somewhat for room cost, respect of a few banks understands reporter Cong Ningbo, reduce interest rate of individual housing loan to be able to appear two kinds of circumstances: It is to bought a room to the person is done not have or had signed loan contract but the bank did not extend of loan, will carry out according to new loan interest rate, had signed the contract of OK and new label of loan contract; 2 was to had extended to borrow money, be in reimbursement period, according to the regulation, carry out original interest rate this year, rose on January 1 from next year, carry out new loan interest rate.

According to Ning Bo management center of city accumulation fund concerns personage introduction, this interest rate of accumulation fund loan is reduced those who execute is short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time, because could there be,95% above are time limit of loan of wave citizen accumulation fund 5 years period above, see favourable forehead consequently from gross is not very big. According to reporter computation, the loan interest rate after adjusting, according to method of reimbursement of principal and interest waiting for the forehead, if be 200 thousand yuan 20 years period accumulation fund borrows money, can reduce interest expenses every months 10 yuan; If be 200 thousand yuan 5 years period the accumulation fund that reachs less than borrows money, can reduce interest expenses every months 16.4 yuan.
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