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Niu Dao: Foreign capital building dish be finished, shanghai house price wants t
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It is very mature. In light of now, arrived I will talk about Shanghai house price to go situation when.

Before, I do not talk about a of Shanghai house price main reason, it is the my giant to a of Shanghai group that buy a room understands not quite, that is place of Mr Cai Weimin tell 3 outside, outside city of generally refer to, outside the condition, abroad. Come from some kind of meaning say, the tall house price of Shanghai and this 3 outside inseparable. This year in May, I arrive alertly first, foreign capital is executed in Shanghai to falling, buy each other between foreign capital namely sell, price of drive up house, realize the overmeasure on American capital market to be worth, set take more capital. I arrive with respect to anticipation at that time, the number of gas of tall house price of Shanghai already was used up, will begin to steep fall before long next.

The price of house of two years of Shanghai in the past rises rank the whole nation the 10th, looking is not to go up a the biggest city, but, the cardinal number of Shanghai house price is higher, estate body amount is the largest, and, go up not all, some area came true one year to go up amount to 100% above, some has hundred only of course, so, be opposite especially to countrywide building city price of each town house affects long triangle tremendous. Be in dish of respect, the drill of business of the development outside the condition to tall house price dish gimmick, can says top-ranking, have a taller than a price building ceaselessly dish horizontal sky is born, astonish the market, make a person dumbfounded even. Notorious Shang Chen is tasted, it is one of classic of that time.

In light of now, of the United States second borrowed the crisis to had brought about financial crisis. 5 famous investment banks of American, especially of Lei Man of hundred years old store's brother go bankrupt, had told us estate foamy in a extremely dangerous state. Between bank of these 5 investment, still two have not announce to go bankrupt, but had been bode ill rather than well. If these two banks can spend this crisis safely, only then a reason can explain, the house property that they buy in Shanghai is this two cast a the most high grade asset, what a house property body that explains they are bought in Shanghai measures is big very breathtaking, if be not maintained,another is them house property of Shanghai of sure can many sell in big quantities, bring those who send Shanghai house price to steep fall directly. This condition, return at present not Anacreontic, my analysis is, these two had had to be not maintained, anticipate will announce the most quickly to go bankrupt in the end of this month.

Recently, everybody pays close attention to monetary policy quite, look to lower interest this above all, so my anticipation it should be reduce deposit reserve 28 numbers to lead, went to 25 ahead of schedule. Why? Its apparent feature, be aimed at Lei Man's brother go bankrupt to come on stage temporarily so a policy, exceedingly careful, very cautious policy. Because it lowered interest to fall only 0.27, it is the least scope, again cannot small, deposit reserve leads it is very strange also to reduce, deposit money every time the attune on reserve ratio is aimed at bank system, this a 4 big state-owned banks a postal savings bank eliminates bank of a transportation outer, this 6 big banks are not moved, reduce small bank deposit gold rate is nodded, this tell strictly, it is a very small portion. So, the Central Bank just communicates an information, answer Lei Man's brother go bankrupt, it is macroscopical to our country the policy of adjusting control won't produce an influence, not be monetary policy appears more change direction.
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