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Gap of building city fund exceeds price of house of -1295421439 lines town to fa
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Model report of a newest research shows Zhong Wei of director of university banking research center, the financing gap of Chinese real-estate industry will be as high as 673 billion yuan this year. And the analytic report that casts travel and negotiable securities orgnaization to released recently greatly each all shows: Building city still has bigger depreciate space, price of house of town of a gleam of has those who be as high as 30%-40% to drop even space.

Calm of personage of interior of company of a large estate bear: "The house is bad now to sold, the state of mind with wait-and-see common people is very great, be afraid depreciate only more firm a bit, ability alleviates the situation with at present tight financing. Important in cold winter is not to earn how many money, live going down just is the most important. Live going down just is the most important..

The market anticipates: Fall! Continue to fall!

"Tianjin, Changsha, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing all gives present price to measure the posture that drops together, although Shenzhen is successive 4 period occurrence get warm again after a cold spell, but stock measure appears to be climbed continuously litre. " combine Yu Jinhua of analyst of industry of negotiable securities real-estate to went up in September in statistic the discovery after half-moon estate sells data, gold 9 go up half moon, market of estate of each key city clinchs a deal somewhat difference, but overall and character, jin Jiuyi is nodded also not gold.

Behave strong Beijing estate market all the time, gold 9 cross the expression of half to make development business a bit disappointed. Statistical data shows, in September 1-15 day, house of Beijing period room clinchs a deal continue to be in low wander, the autograph makes an appointment with a cycle of songs in a traditional opera and area annulus score to fasten atrophy 5% with 13% , was to appear respectively more compared to the same period 58% and of 70% drop.

In fact, although the half moon on Shenzhen builds commodity house to clinch a deal,total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is mixed clinch a deal gross area annulus is compared all rose 5% with 5% , but Shenzhen room city can make work a cycle of songs in a traditional opera and area all were achieved since last year new tall, and as a person of extraordinary powers curtilage of the element abate, shenzhen residence all price appears considerably fall after a rise, the residence all price appears considerably fall after a rise, annulus comparing dropped 22% .

Even if is to be in all below the circumstance of price fall after a rise, yu Jinhua appears on the market with what colleague key dogs the Lou Panzhong that the company is in Shenzhen, except 10 thousand divisions the 5th garden (8 period) , bank of the East China Sea of 10 thousand divisions (3 period) with Jin Demei Gansu town day all is sold outside breaking through 1, the others building dish the sale all is compared gloomy.

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