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Pan Shige: "The liberation army " will do not calculate so that return fortunate
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"' the liberation army ' came eventually, fortunately, will so that return do not calculate late. " 15 days of dusks, after be informed the message that the Central Bank lowers interest, shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan expresses to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities. In had stepped forward in the development business eye of dimension difficult, this one benefit makes a person be filled with exultation very much. "True? Does interest of deposit, loan fall? Mention development loan? " the high level of company of a national development is in be informed lower interest a series of inquiries are made to the reporter at once after the message. Sichuan " 5 · 12 " earth epicenter, the fat pig that is buried 36 days directly is rescued by successful ground, the name is obtained on the network " Zhu Jian is strong " . After this, the landed group public figure such as Ren Zhijiang lives development business circumstances figure ground is compared " Zhu Jian is strong " . "Think all method to save actual strength, come down alive, await ' the liberation army ' " the only choice that becomes development business to fall in a dangerous situation. Announce to lower interest when the Central Bank after the message, pan Shige is unable to bear or endure sigh with regret, "' the liberation army ' came eventually " . Pan Shige thinks, the original intention that this the Central Bank lowers interest results from the consideration of macroscopical to whole economy face. Especially American credit crisis magnified continuously recently. 15 days, american Lei Man's brother announces to apply for to go bankrupt, in the meantime, american bank announces to buy negotiable securities of United States forest. "The rainstorm of American finance domain will sweep across the whole world possibly, china should have done the preparation that prevents a typhoon ahead of schedule. " Pan Shige says. And this kind lowers interest will be in how old real estate of the influence on degree, market personage thinks " still very it's hard to say " . "Credit basically includes to development borrows money and buy a room to mortgage loan to the influence of estate two respects. Compare and character, to present development business, because mortgage,pull litre of one part to buy a room to anticipate, it is the result that hopes to see more. " Pan Shige expresses. Loosen as to credit whether achieve such effect, pan Shige expresses, this should look wait-and-see force and reduce still borrow pressure the circumstance of rich play chess of two kinds of psychology how.

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