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Liao Wenliang: Building city next year is expected get warm again after a cold s
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Is building town small fan period when to end? Singapore Liao Wenliang of president of land of fine heart buy thinks -- building city next year is expected   of get warm again after a cold spell this period honored guest: Singapore brief introduction of honored guest of   of of Liao Wenliang of president of land of fine heart buy: Regard southeast Asia market prise as top estate company -- Singapore the group president of ground of fine heart buy, mix in Singapore abroad, mr Liao Wenliang has bldg. of more than 30 years and real estate experience, having thorough research to global estate market. Regard southeast Asia market prise as top estate company, the business of ground of fine heart buy spreads all over Singapore the whole world 20 many countries 120 many cities, chinese market is the very main component in its business. Regard Singapore as president of land of fine heart buy, mr Liao Wenliang how the development state of affairs of real estate of anteroom of look upon eye, the what kind of estate company in suggesting to be in predicament does he have again? At latest meets improving   reporter the end of next year: At present estate market entered to adjust period, many estate development business feel to be in now " severe winter period " , you how is look upon current Chinese estate market? When can estate market greet the get warm again after a cold spell of the market? In the market low fan period, what kind of strategy will ground of fine heart buy adopt in China? Liao Wenliang: I agree with the estate that you mention to enter a low ebb period at present, the environment of this and home has particular concern, also develop with global economy close together and relevant. But regard an economy as cycle, when since can have,be down, can have of course up when. My individual feels, forecast hopefully, estate market can take a favourable turn in next year the beginning of the year; Say critically, should meet in year next year improve; Look pessimisticly, at latest is met to the end of next year to good progress. The company holds water up to now, the wave motion that we had experienced real-estate industry a few times period, we harvested a very main experience, fall in bad market environment namely, want to choose good seed to undertake sowing, the season that has been in can begin results. Adjusting period inside, we can continue to search business chance in Chinese market, to a few at present the high grade plot of price on the low side, we can consider to purchase, to a few high grade asset that sell, we also can consider to buy. Reporter: The market that is in one round this is adjusted in the center, the problem that many estate companies are faced with is, as a result of money constrictive, stock market is adverse the capital insecurity problem that waits for many sided to bring, and accordingly among get into trouble. Ground of fine heart buy developed many projects successfully in the whole world not only, and made estate banking chain well, you whether offer a few proposals to estate company? Use Liao Wenliang of   of financing of landed banking product: The respect is made in estate banking chain, we were to walk along a new way really, I think also is to a few experience can develop business with estate people share. The estate before ground of fine heart buy is developed, it is to adopt more traditional pattern, take the ground, financing, development, sell a building to reclaim capital, so many development business put centre of gravity in the congenial respect that land appreciates, those who hope to pass price appreciate will earn higher profit. And although ground of fine heart buy also is met to bank financing, but the dependence to the bank rate is not high, use new estate banking product to be our financing however, we are the companies that negotiable securities of the first estate changes Singapore, also be a home have estate to invest a letter to hold in the palm (the company of REIT) . Nevertheless, roll out the market first and did not obtain us to anticipate medium success, we consider to discover, because the client appeared to this acknowledge,be a few problems, so we undertake discussion afresh again, through understanding the market, investor uninterruptedly, undertake uninterruptedly communication with the government, time of 7 years was spent full among, we just obtained a success. I believe the development business that has actual strength also can be passed hard, develop new financing channel, obtain better progress.

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