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Xie Di is strange: Individual housing mortgages loan still is a bank high grade
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On one hand, hand in a second half of the year to will continue to control estate to develop loan, on the other hand, still should think all right, individual housing mortgages the high grade business that loan is a bank. Hand in a deputy travel to grow Xie Di to surprise afore-mentioned expression was made when accepting the media that includes our newspaper inside to interview yesterday. Xie Di is strange show say, "The strategic transition that we undertake 3 years ago plans to come true already basically nowadays. " will look from a few crucial index that measure retail bank, hand in travel individual bank savings to occupy nowadays than exceeding 40 % , borrow occupy than exceeding 18 % , individual business income contributes more than 20 % , cashed basically the acceptance at that time. The near future, the house price that many towns of domestic appear drops, the asset quality generation that lets a person borrow money related to estate to the commercial bank is anxious. Xie Di is strange express, hand in first half of the year pay close attention to real estate height all right, to estate development loan undertook controlling. Hand in a half annals to show, hand in an estate to develop loan to occupy first half of the year than be 6.38 % , drop somewhat compared to the same period. Xie Di is strange express, the risk that can continue pay close attention to real-estate industry soon is handed in in second half of the year, control estate to develop loan. With estate development loan photograph is compared, individual housing mortgages loan to still be regarded as the high grade business of the bank. Xie Di is strange express, if be from housing, the risk that housing mortgages loan is very low still, "The wave motion of house price won't affect the risk of reimbursement. " hand in the individual housing of travel to mortgage loan asset quality at present still outclass is other loan. Do not cross floor price drop to mortgaged loan market to bring a challenge to whole housing, but he states second half of the year hands in the strategy of travel to won't be changed, increase the strength that mortgages loan to be being offerred from the client of housing demand namely, strive for a flatlet client hard. Xie Di is strange express, developing intermediate business side, will hand in henceforth be tasted from grain property soon and sell goods on a commission basis safe two respects send force. Right property tastes a respect, the proper motion that takes product of conduct financial transactions seriously designs ability of research and development, be aimed at different client group the product of conduct financial transactions with different design. In addition, extend the business space that fund sells goods on a commission basis and casts surely. Additional, hand in the market that still raises effort its to sell a respect in insurance all right to occupy than. "A lot of people in handing in the client of travel at present had not bought insurance, the site that we want to use a bank offers insurance service for more clients. " Xie Di is strange express. Credit card business is regarded as the business point of growth with new commercial bank, "What we consider at present is the quantity of resource pursuit hairpin that uses complete travel, as to whether gain is not the mainest factor that wants a consideration at present. " Xie Di is strange express, handing in the target of travel is credit card hairpin after the quantity achieves before course of study of person of the same trade 3, just begin to consider gain. "If we stop hairpin now, can realize gain immediately. " but stem from collect abundant and hand in the politic sex consideration of travel, hand in business of travel credit card at present or attach most importance to with hairpin quantity.

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