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Li Zhaoji: Shanghai ground supplies grow in quantity to bring about action pat s
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Recently, in Fudan University " Li Zhaoji library " hang out one's shingle ceremonially, li Zhaoji of Hong Kong landed king is attended on invitation. The plot that appears recently to Shanghai sheds mark issue, he expresses, the choice of sell one's own things of domestic land for building is more now, to land agent, unlike spell the circumstance that grabs a land before, and the trend to city of building of inland of second half of the year, he expresses to be valued for a long time. Recently, shanghai " the most popular this year residence uses the ground " declare of long wind plot sheds mark, notable is, this plot is to grow the first residence that area of wind zoology business affairs rolls out to use the ground, before this because its are pure of the residence " rare be short of " property and be paid close attention to extensively by the market, attracted and wrote down 29 enterprises such as real estate of Huang Bu, Ren Heng to get hang out one's shingle file, but the result is unmanned make inquires however. "Each district has many ground to roll out now, to land agent, optional opportunity grow in quantity, every company can choose best to oneself plot, need not grab! " appear to Shanghai popular plot sheds mark issue, li Zhaoji made afore-mentioned making known one's position. And face changeover of estate market situation, catenary of capital of development business protection is inspected by industry bring about land market encounters cold main reason this year. Li Zhaoji says at the same time, optimistic still to city of building of second half of the year mood. "We have confidence to domestic estate, long-term for value. " Li Zhaoji says, short-term inside wait-and-see attitude of the city after buying the home to be opposite is stronger, but " Jin Jiuyin 10 " coming, sell or permit with to the limit of one's capacity. He believes the demand of estate market or some, just city of the stock market, building is not at present stable. "When circumstance stability comes down, buy the home to be able to be at ease buy a room. " to how stabilizing Shanghai   is deep the problem of the stock market, li Zhaoji expresses to believe the government can have good policy. Recently, the United States announces to borrow two big houses mortgage financing orgnaization " Fang Limei " and " room ground is beautiful " bring into a government to guard management temporarily, be called " the biggest government on American history saves city to act " , to this, li Zhaoji expresses, "After the message comes out, hong Kong stock market and Asia-Pacific periphery stock market all carry litre many, domestic A how to rise however, to this, the government sector has choice oneself, may have good news later. " he still expresses: "National policy follows the growth of international and domestic economy to matter, national nature can have good method. "

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