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Added the bank interest after breath in July 2007
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Added the bank interest after breath in July 2007:

Current deposits money 0.81
Time deposit is whole put whole take 2.88/ of half an year of 3 months 2.34/ one year 3.33/ two years of 3.96/ 3 years of 4.68/ 5 years 5.22
Time deposit 0 put whole take, whole put 0 take, put this extraction to cease one year 2.34/ 3 years of 2.88/ 5 years 3.33
The be convenient to both that decide work is rectified regularly by a year of less than put whole take hit with class interest rate 6 fold carry out
The agreement deposits money 1.53
Inform deposit of one day 1.17/ 7 days 1.71

Carry out since July 21, 2007

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