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New politics does office building of concussion residence project approving want
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New politics after coming on stage, ” of “90 square metre is become maximum term appears in discussing inside real estate. When with respect to the development in a lot of residences business give a lot of care considers this bounds that how answers ” of “90 square metre, project of a few office building also begins the capital fluctuant uneasiness rises, the project in still be in program condition among them more show fully fretted. And the reason that causes this one phenomenon is residences of these “ of office building project the identity of project approving ” , include very big one part business lives apartment project. According to reporter understanding, be located in north a certain with residential project approving office building near 3 annulus is in at present consider how undertaking adjustment to later period product, in order to answer the relevant detailed rules that Beijing publishs next.
Occupied this category of defecate appropriate ” to look with respect to “ be consideringed as by the personage inside course of study originally, after enjoying ” of “ special treatment, also be in nowadays again new politics energetically the “ below adjusting control escapes hard one disaster ” . A personage inside the course of study that does not wish to disclose a full name expresses, if Beijing detailed rules comes on stage to undertake making clear formulary to ” of “90 square metre, so admiral is designed to be faced with very big confine in the program with the office building product of residential project approving, bring about what cost rises and use cost to rise directly. And vivosphere of this kind of product is in this round extremely likely also new politics in adjusting control considerably cut, retreat finally in the Qing Dynasty in the market.

Market share is small new politics hind will continue atrophic

In last centuries 90 time, beijing had had the office building project of residential project approving, appear with the form of business affairs apartment namely at that time, but did not bring very big market impact. And this kind of product is paid close attention to inside course of study truly is as SOHO the building of modern city and mature ceaselessly and upsurge. The business that provides representative residential project approving most as Beijing lives apartment, it may be said of SOHO modern city is open the new page of product of business affairs of ” of “ residence project approving. Soon after, include Wei Baihao, rich a center, office building product that waits for ” of project approving of residence of a batch of “ into international center greatly swarms into the market ceaselessly, become the fresh troops of market of Beijing office building. In fact, the office building of ” of “ residence project approving, include business to live the “ assail ” that apartment is come from market of pure office building all the time, think this kind of product destroyed environment of market fairness competition. Well-known, because this kind of product is residential project approving, the gold of land sell one's own things that hands in not only wants than pure office building little, loan specified amount is spent also want than pure office building tall, and also should compare pure office building more than 20 years on land access. Accordingly, no matter be the price,still obtain rights and interests to go up to have very large dominant position. In the macroscopical adjusting control last year credit policy adjusts the situation that causes bigger impact to office building market to fall, the office building product of residential project approving is avoided because of the essence of ” of its “ residence suffer affect.
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