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Ban business to make commercial building of tall v stage low-key defrost
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What the residence 2006 bans trade policy is high-key set was restricted to become topic of one big heat with low-key defrost, what policy transforms is fast, stare tongue-tied making a person. Be restricted greatly under, small company thought of an outlet, development business thought of an outlet, government of each the city zone also thought of an outlet, company move is registered, development business looks for knack, local government opens amnesty, from the point of the market action after the residence bans business, basically be the strategy that is like blame sunshine with doubt will be mixed as countermeasure remedy.
Summary says somebody, civilian curtilage business uses have " 4 blames " : Destroy environment, unfair competition, influence the appearance of a city, cause illuminate without card manage. The operation of the contradict oneself that the residence bans trade policy and insufficient sunshine also brought " 4 blames " : Damage force of policy public letter, abet Qian Quan to trade, violate legal spirit, disobey market fairness.
The policy that the residence banned business 2006, social public opinion is this policy find a way out that operates hard in the appeal. Actually, whole 2006, a few respects that policy involves already found his outlet, the mainstream that is these outlets only is insufficient sunshine. Leaving the problem 2007 is: The residence bans business to need to appear to continue to search the 3rd outlet, search the 3rd outlet of a sunshine.

Employee of ● room look forward to: Xiaosun, the residence banned the project that business gives his place hold post to add variable

Residential business uses sudden variable

The new year's day 2007 tells happiness to small Sun Lai unusual, long holiday of 5 days lets a person's mind of Xiaosun whole body experiencing the happy event of New Year. And before this, xiaosun did not rest close to half an year. Xiaosun develops a company to seek duty in an estate, responsible project is in place early to entered sale period first half of the year 2006. From last year begin in year, xiaosun begins so busy that cannot leave hand in, real reason is industrial and commercial bureau however come on stage civilian ban business to make curtilage. In June 2006, "Civilian ban business curtilage " one paper command, the project sale that makes Xiaosun responsible encounters difficult problem.
The traffic a sector of an area of core, use property right of 70 years, standard office building is built, of the residence mortgage loan mode, a lot of advantage, the project that once let Xiaosun be in is sold all the way smooth. Press before sale experience, in enter 2006 when second half of the year, the project will enter the sale that shows a room definitely period, should greet height of the 2nd sale originally. But this, the thing did not imagine however medium successful.
2006 on June 19, industrial and commercial bureau releases Beijing announcement (the 14th file) , the demand rises main body of pair of of all kinds market from this day (contain orgnaization of foreign enterprise permanent delegate) the abode that registration book refers uses proof file from severe examine. Include among them " the registration book that suspends using dweller residence to be engaged in managing an activity " clause, regulation of proclaimed in writing does not allow residential building to regard office as utility.
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