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Civilian office building of the investment after banning business curtilage pays
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Civilian office building of the investment after banning business curtilage should pay close attention to detail a sector of an area more the most crucial

For law of the card that use differentiate an any things, can have its two sides sex, come on stage with respect to what ban business ” policy as “ residence, with respect to the level of investment, to ” of “ sad news of the death has been for the person of invest in commercial building, and to the investor that additionally those are preparing to invest office building, it is an opportunity probably.

Skill is wait-and-see still
“ residence bans business ” policy to just to come on stage, office building drew a bullish tone. Already felt in “ of estate investment market climb roll dozen of ” Ms. Zhang of 78 years, be in ground of be eager for doing sth recently the office building project that look about can invest, she thinks of this policy come on stage to will drive “ of a lot of medium and small businesses surely ” enters office building, because this invests the inning of office building just about right now.
Invest the best opportunity of office building now after all? The answer that the personage inside course of study and expert gave out to differ from different level. 10 thousand benefit of Beijing Wang Wenli of benevolence travel general manager thinks, the market to the limit of one's capacity of office building is at present larger, so the sale price of a lot of office building already sole, the following price should be a trend that rise, so to investor should be a better skill opportunity. And the plan of some project is in charge of Hua Yuan think, current estate market is all the time in adjusting control, the situation of policy still is not very Anacreontic, the wait-and-see mood of the market is more grumous also, so she thinks to still cannot be judged now is the optimal opportunity that office building investment moves.

The key still is capital actual strength
View of the personage inside course of study is endless and same, believing investor also is benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom. But the personage inside course of study points out at the same time, investment office building is different from investment house, have even very big different. Be expended from duty and for interest rate, the loan interest rate that buys office building wants interest rate of prep above residence nearly 1% . Additional, all sorts of duty that still the need such as house property duty is handed in are expended, occupy investment about 20% the left and right sides. Ms. Zhang has 6 house property to invest a project on the hand at present, include shop of the residence, business and office building. Ms. Zhang expresses, choosing to invest office building at the outset is to consider do not put all eggs in same in basket. Mention office building investment, ms. Zhang also is feeling fine much, because did not consider investment office building can take up at that time so much capital, also pass because of the area of investment big and empty buy period of time, caused very great capital pressure to oneself at that time so, but cannot find again temporarily buy the home suitably to sell change now, can sell the business shop with a first-rate position only alleviate capital pressure. 10 thousand benefit Wang Wenli of benevolence travel general manager thinks, the demand of economic actual strength to investor oneself is very high. Because buy the total house money of office building taller, usually accordingly investor needs loan, and office building head pay want prep above residence, the loan interest rate that buys office building next wants prep above residence, the loan fixed number of year of last office building and residential appearance are briefer than wanting. Buy office building to still need to hand in the each tax cost such as house property duty additionally, want prep above residence from the cost certainly will that sees investment office building on the whole. And of office building change now ability is relative poorer, because this is investing the economic actual strength that mature oneself wants before office building, lest appear below the case with too big pressure of later period reimbursement,be eager to changing to show and cause the loss of yield. ####
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