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Beijing: Property service is pushed again " free movement "
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Afterwards is called " passing standard " and " compulsory exercise " after Beijing property serves primary standard to was carried out on January 1, city is built appoint announced property to serve grade standard again yesterday 2, 3 grade level. This also is meant, property service will have henceforth more advanced " free movement " .

City is built appoint Zhao Cheng of property department section chief expresses, 2, 3 class standard is to be in " passing standard " on foundation of one class standard, the actual condition that combines Beijing property service industry makes, carry out not compulsively, it is guiding standard. Henceforth, when property service and both sides of Wu of bedding and clothing are serving content certainly, can be in one, 2, undertake individual event combines a choice in 3 class standard, also can be over one class standard, undertake adjustment to the normative requirement of individual content.

much " water landscape " service content

Secondary standard shares 106, more than primary standard " water landscape " service content: Plaque of rostellum of  of Ma of case of Lv of κ of  of Ping  K touchs bud of A Chinese-style unlined garment of stool of dice leech Mo to make fun of  of ∏ of the arrest that return  to call on carbonyl of  of  Ang admirable goes straight towards Huan

In common facilities facilities moves reach maintenance conserve of conserve, clean service, afforest, jockey the respect such as the service, secondary standard is higher than primary standard, like the dear sex such as water, report, gas the newspaper repairs a requirement to arrive at the spot inside 20 minutes, other newspaper is repaired the spot arrives inside 1 hour. Property should undertake public property serves satisfaction to spend investigation every year centrally, should announce year every year to owner circumstance of public service income and expenses.

Public facilities wants to go up " safe "

3 grade level shares 109. Compare with secondary standard photograph, company of many requirement property uses professional property to serve software system record of data of basis of basic to owner message, property, maintenance, collect fees the record undertakes administrative; Cast protect property common place, common danger of facilities facilities worth and public responsibility danger, want to undertake beautification adornment wait to the village in main festival.

Service standard decides to collect fees on any account

One class standard is passing line, level is higher, service level is higher. And the service is taller, also mean collect fees will taller.

As to the service standard grade is decided by who, zhao Cheng says, when building unit choosing to hire property to serve an enterprise, by construction unit basis property characteristic and service requirement are chosen and certain property serves a standard, concrete in contract of service of early days property agreement. After owner congress holds water, by owner congress and foundation of property service company Wu of property characteristic kimono is asked to choose and talk things over consistent, concrete in property service contract agreement. When affirmatory village serves a standard, the factor such as the consumptive demand of circumstance of establishment of the construction standard that can combine each residence village, form a complete set and owner is certain.
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