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The service does not amount to mark owner to be able to hand in property cost le
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Brief introduction of details of a case

Because think the property service of the village does not have up to mark, course of study advocates the gentleman rejects to hand in property to expend, immediately is accused by property company abundant stage court. The court adjudicates finally, decrease the property cost that receives Mr Zhang.

On July 17, 2006, the owner committee of this village and property company signed property to serve a contract, agree by 0.95 yuan of every square metre property of every months of collection is expended among them. If owner exceed the time limit hands in what property service expends, property company is OK since the day from exceed the time limit daily by should hand in charge extremely one of adding receive penalty due to breach of contract.

On August 18, 2006, village owner committee and property company sign property to serve contract complement clause again, property company agrees to adjust property cost it is 0.75 yuan of every square metre every months.

But receive fetch job take time when property company, mr Zhang rejects to hand in however reached rubbish quiet carriage to add up to to the property administration fee during July 17, 2007 on July 18, 2006 876.45 yuan.

Mr Zhang does not agree to pay communal illume the charge such as cost, security personnel cost, afforest cost, rubbish cost. Put the flaw that be in to afore-mentioned property management, mr Zhang offerred corresponding evidence. Think to this property company, its had fulfilled property management obligation, owner should hand in property cost.

Judge commentate case

Judge of abundant stage court thinks after classics cognizance, manage the property company of the service as proffer course of study, ought to the principle according to honest credence, reach concerned regulation strictly to fulfill his property management obligation according to the agreement, raise property level of management. As the owner that accepts property government service, ought to assist property company to undertake administrative, pass the action of every owner oneself, manage company joint efforts with property, build harmonious village environment and atmosphere. After company of the property in this case and village owner committee sign property to serve a contract, its should manage the regulation of code to fulfill obligation according to agreement and property, offer the service that accords with conventional standard and behavior level for all owner; Mr Zhang ought to hand in property administration fee to property company on time as owner.

In front courtyard careful, the property government service that Mr Zhang shows evidence to prove property company is offerred does not accord with an agreement, although property company gives deny, but fail to refer corresponding evidence, because the exculpatory opinion of this pair of Mr Zhang gentlemen gives,adopt. The property service project that offers in view of property company and service quality peace treaty decide standard existence difference, the property administration fee that Mr Zhang should hand in should be decreased lawfully close. Because this property company should be decreased lawfully,receive property administration fee, adjudicate Mr Zhang gives pay administration fee of property company property 657 yuan.
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