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4 reason that property tax makes house price falls greatly
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Nearly two years, price of house of countrywide major area rises situation is too fierce, partial area grows extent house not to fall high, affect social fairness and harmony even. The interior that property tax is house property market " manostat " , because of this property tax carry out will restrain to generation of this one phenomenon, stabilize house price, make house property market develop smoothly.

House property price goes now to fall space

After property tax is carried out, fall surely from the theoretic price that tell a room undoubted. In commodity house market, tax cost and profit of house property business occupy a building to clinch a deal the proportion of the price is larger, adjacent 6 into, in the money that the person that buy a room namely buys a house, value added tax of royalities of land of duty of the business tax that includes estate development, stamp duty, house property, town, land, enterprise income tax is waited a moment and estate of the house property duty that estate takes up, city duty, farmland takes up royalities of land of duty, town. Of property tax carry out pay these charge in installment, share equally arrives phase of house property hold, so present development cost drops considerably, house price also falls substantially accordingly necessarily. The fall of commodity house price drives price of house of market of whole house property necessarily reduce, in the meantime, the expropriation of property tax also apportion secondhand the room trades the tax cost of link comes hold phase, so the taking of the building and trade again cost synchronism is reduced, also drive secondhand house price is reduced.

Be not the rigid demand that buy a room to decrease

Property tax is duty radical with building value, as the elapse of time, building value can happen fluctuant, if house property value promotes, corresponding hold link scot is aggravating, hold cost raises, investment pay back period lengthens; to be like a building to value is stabilized or glide, criterion property scot smooth or on the low side, but value of integral house property falls, investment is in suffer a defeat condition. And people labels house property means of first selection investment results from the stability that its invest and change at any time showing maneuverability, but of property tax carry out just obliterated house property to distinguish the advantage at other investment means, this will bring about the investment in house property market / congenial client decreases, house property market is not rigid demand acute to decrease, the demand buying a room of people tends reason.

Can trade volume of room source supply rises

The property right hold of the building person the expropriation that is property tax object. This makes a when cost of tax of house property hold becomes house-owner certain expenses, right now, the person that have the house property hold of much ring room, in selling a hand necessarily needless house property, in order to reduce hold cost. Additional, the source of empty buy room of house property market suffers property tax impact to will be activationed now, flow direction house property trades the market, in order to end delivery room is exemple, at present most center delivery room does not cooperate to trade as a result of unit of former property right link place needs formalities, and blame holder must housing house property, cause this building empty buy, but after property tax is collected, building hold person become make former unit perfect system of house property management, make sure building flow direction trades the activator of the market. Room of company property right and use room also can be put in similar case, no matter pay taxes main body is individual or enterprise, everybody certainly will measures empty buy hold and change instantly show the weight between.
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