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Costly content is in charge of, of owner of Chengdu office building but
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…… of degree of intelligence of traversal speed of parking space amount, elevator, air conditioning the class of an office building can be very fast distinguish from hardware condition come, but make the software ——— property that right movement rises manages office building, it is the gray region of office building character all the time however. Announced recently " matter right law " made clear property management standard, office building property manages, also be about to fade drops these gray colour.

First class office building

Costly content canal makes owner very helpless however

The content of “15 Yuan Yiping rice is in charge of cost, a ‘ forgot to explain ’ to be our reply. ” just moves the company to experience of before the Yang Zong of office building of one first class is mentioned near bright and beautiful river two days, one face is helpless.

Yang Zong's company because business reason, often the client is visited, jockey for convenient client, the canal signed Yang Zong and content to jockey agreement, of all clients stop fare to unite consign by company month base, face the client that stop to need those who show a company to stop plate to be able to jockey freely only. Jockey after the agreement is signed, the client that Yang Zong begins to come round to visit is used stop plate freely, clients all very satisfactory the arrangement of this one detail. But two days ago, one took the client that stops plate freely to hit a phone to say, parking lot staff member rejects to accept stop plate freely, insist to want to receive cash. We go to “ at that time parking lot and staff member theory, but it is OK that the staff member insists to was not received use the announcement that stops plate freely, the client is in aside, occasion is quite awkward. ” Yang Zong says very helplessly.

Poplar of after the event always finds content to be in charge of a company, content is in charge of company controller explanation to say, the staff member that is new mount guard forgot to explain when handing over a class, just gave this kind of accident so. After Yang Zong was in charge of “ to forget to explain the explanation of ” to content, be malcontent very, to a good deal of content that hands in every months the canal is expended more become aware notted worth. The content canal cost of “ office building is very high, but offerred content canal service cannot match with his price however, appear this kind of elementary management flaw lets me be in charge of a level to produce great suspicion to their content. ” although Yang Zong is very indignant to his experience, asked to surround other company next week, also have complain similarly, but everybody is helpless however to content pipe company.

   First class office building
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