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Air of 20 water and electricity is warm repair property urgently to need minute
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City is built appoint announce property to serve grade standard detailed rules to finish 11 " compulsory exercise " property service just calculates pass mark -- ,

Fair show 24 hours of newspapers to be repaired long phone, urgently 20 minutes park of present, motor vehicle has person specially assigned for a task 24 hours perambulatory, everyday go on a tour of inspection decorates rubbish of construction site, life daily one Qing Dynasty... henceforth, property service finished village of this city residence to include above detail only inside 11 " compulsory exercise " ability amounts to mark. This was yesterday city is built appoint announce " standard of grade of residential property service (one class) (try out) " (standard of the following abbreviation) clear, this regulation is carried out formally since January 1, 2008, include by the property business management that has aptitude and service of property of applicable housing village also must finish the economy that faces owner to collect fees directly " compulsory exercise " .

" standard of grade of residential property service (one class) (try out) " on classics net fair show after asking for an opinion extensively, 3 months undertook in the area such as Shi Jingshan pilot job, make to specific content on the foundation here edit deal with problems arising from an accident is promulgated formally carry out. "Although 11 ' compulsory exercise ' look from big field be ' integrated requirement, building is maintenance conserve, common facilities facilities moves reach 2 service of maintenance conserve, elevator, fire control service, feed pipe manage, assistance is safeguarded, " city is built appoint Zhao Cheng of section chief of property government office emphasized yesterday, "But actually every ' compulsory exercise ' comprise by a lot of a lot specific details, every all deserve to have test detailed rules and corresponding mark, will be henceforth not only the standard that property service must achieve, also be the serious content that director branch superintends. Also be the serious content that director branch superintends..

If be in the first integrated requirement, " standard " requirement property is in public section is remarkable the position is official show 24 hours of newspapers to repair a phone, service personnel recieves resident. The dear sex newspaper such as water, report, gas is repaired inside 20 minutes, other newspaper is repaired arrive at the spot by bilateral agreement time; In the 3rd common facilities facilities runs the accomplishment that reach dimension to protect a respect, formulary property must be achieved build common archives of facilities facilities detailed list, have facilities facilities move, examination, maintenance, maintain the record; In the 4th elevator management the respect must achieve elevator labour is nightly be on duty, advocate ladder 6: 00 - 24: 00 uninterrupted move and announce call phone; In the 8th cleanness serves respect regulation, rubbish of the life inside the village everyday Qing Dynasty carries, the village is communal and clean area is daily sweep; Jockey in decathlon service respect, must achieve have perfect motor vehicle, blame motor vehicle to stop (put) the car management system and administrative program, motor-driven car to entering a village undertakes registering extending proof, 24 hours have person specially assigned for a task perambulatory etc; In eleventh adornment decorates service respect, must achieve everyday go on a tour of inspection decorates construction site, discovery to endanger building construction safety to reach violate compasses tear open change common of cop, be dissuaded in time and branch of report government concerned director.
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