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Property tax should can or house property invests
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Nowadays estate rises in price is the viewpoint of demand be caused by, but include roughly in this demand live oneself, invest and improve demand a few respects. We analyse the influence of these a few demand to estate value first:

Live oneself demand: This part lives oneself demand will let estate value be stabilized at least in the family over 7 years of income in, and present estate value has been in family year of income of 10 years over, some areas had achieved 15 years.

Investment demand: This has a sufficient requirement is investor rises to estate anticipated sturdy sex. Want house price to be in only 1-2 year in do not have 10% above rise, investment demand gets necessarily huge keep within limits.

In addition, still have improvement demand: If old public house is renovated, little room changes big house to wait.

Of property tax what to carry out these pair of demand to you can have to affect?

Carry out recently head pay room of the 2nd flatlet to borrow the rehearse that increases to him policy of 40% to consider as property duty.

Property tax is quite tremendous to investing the keep within limits of demand, the natural hope that invests house property gets corresponding benefit, but if property tax is carried out, live oneself to be not model the hold cost of house property rises, that is to say if house price does not rise, pay taxation every year defray even, together with has 70 years only at house property property right of China, apparent, house property will not become the first selection breed of investment.

Additional, if be opposite big house collect the belt is extravagant the word of the property tax of kind of property, also be effective to the keep within limits of improvement demand. Although, big house may appear when arriving model fall be more than Xiaofang model fall.

Although cannot be restrained directly,property tax comes on stage live oneself model demand, but very apparent meeting restrains investment demand, and it is quite severe to investing the inhibition of demand, this crucial level should see the scope magnitude that property tax collects. And those who invest customer interest is abate meet with evacuate relatively substantially influence house price. House price drops to also can affect those improvement demand accordingly. As investment objective ceaseless evacuate, price of the house when arriving goes to the reply the reasonable level that can mirror real demand.

The country does not publish property tax tardy, perhaps be afraid property tax come on stage to be pounded to house price too big, may cause a series of chain-reacting. But to looking at the house price that stand high above the masses watchtower promotes the common people that sigh for, the publishs scarcely to be able to let need housing truly common people of property tax is disappointed.

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