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Office entrance door enters the mouth 4 big fear
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The door rushs
Company gate the door to internal office, it is wind aquatic rushs, air current rushs easily continuously and enter, cause human affairs dispute easily. Cannot enter gate solicit comments more of course the door to the toilet, this is worst pattern, .
Elevator inspiratory
If the gate is opposite elevator, elevator is remittent, , , close, the gas the company uses up number to be sucked, disperse easily also at the same time the energy of employee, nature also can affect the movement power of the company.
Wear heart sword
If the gate is opposite corridor or passageway, criterion form if Li Jian wears a heart to be about to enter, such pattern makes wear heart sword. If the office is entered in-housely deep the length that is less than corridor, it is disaster the biggest. Settlement path depends on in-house mount screen changing the effect of the door in order to close, ability is able to alleviate.
Lie between horny evil spirit
The station sees in office entrance door, out front half is wall, the half is big sky, straight like knife is chopped come over, this is famous " lie between horny evil spirit " . Office entrance door has be cut head on the two bad feelings of half, enrage the character on field, the two air current of half are complete unbalance, this structure is old fierce, adverse to health, money carries also not good.
If the office encounters a gate to part of the house opposite side, alter best the method is move the gate to Long Bian slightly, escape lies between horny evil spirit, if cannot move so, should alter the angle of the gate, lie between horny evil spirit in order to keep away from.