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Hallway is the 2nd appearance of the company
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The design entering the door of the office, can affect the pattern of whole office, because this must try,fine meaning thinks. Office doorway ans outpost of the tax office like, its azimuth, decoration, design, can affect the magnetic field of whole office, affect money carry then. Enter the or so corner when the door, it is to enter a the most conspicuous position, should try to decorate, put artwork, miniascape, vase to wait for example, besides can beautification office also can increase work efficiency.

And the 2nd toll-gate of mouth of morale of hallway full offer, the guttural thoroughfare that is like colleague is general, for pass in and out of this house turn gas mouth, i.e. is greeted with send the significant position that go to, because this front courtyard is equal to the 2nd appearance that is a company, the rotational principle of the imposing manner that must pay attention to it so and air current, with the harmony of benefit interior.
Vestibular position abstains from the decoration is messy, also cannot earnestly hangs a mirror, because can bring about auspicious to enrage reflection to go out, in-house and disorder.
In the position of the entrance, if be on its wall calligraphy and painting of pensile Gu Xiang, can bring a company the elephant of auspicious sign.