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The usage of office entrance screen
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Hope hasten auspicious avoids fierce, urge a flourishing money, criterion the position of company gate passageway, must what layout is giving birth to flourishing is square, and the company sets screen in population place, also be exquisite quite much.

   " Xun Zi - rude " the cloud: "The screen outside the emperor, vassal inside screen, ceremony also. Outside screen, not desire regard sb as an outsider also; Inside screen, do not be about to see inside also. " just as its name implies, screen is place my, wind is the flow of air, screen is the principal home all that changes air current, actually action result is the same as screen wall, the screen wall of type of activity of it may be said, detachable type, also be to avoid the tool of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.
Some companies are in the screen that sets stationary and dest clerk in the entrance, if unidentified in, criterion the other side of be a hindrance to develops, if to concealment sexual consideration, might as well use a flower to wear screen more, or use half short ark to cultivate evergreen plant, but avoid by all means is spent with man-made.
The door is in flourishing, screen is not placed when door Xiang Wangfang, lest block up flourishing is entered angrily, hold back money carry, when unless have,needing, can be in the place that enters the door, set the porch of a whirly type, as the buffer that enters the door. Porch can design low flower to wear screen, the plant can be placed above potted, such appearance already beautiful can have brought again geomantic, abet flourishing gas comes in, if porch does not install service arena, criterion the place of porch had better furnish circular vase, the content with the circle will guide enrage and enter, can aid flourishing to be like,be enraged bureau.
The door is in evil spirit, the door to decline to, below this kind of circumstance, can admit decline to evil spirit gas, in the porch of the doorway, had better install the water scene of a flow, or it is an aquarium, because water can change magnetic field, will decline gas turns to be enraged for flourishing, to company whole development has openly help.
The door is being become carry flourishing, the door to either when carry flourishing square, can place a taller stationary screen, make doorway place forms porch, the gas mouth turn of screen becomes flourishing to, also can admit flourishing to enrage so.

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