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The flourishing of office entrance door to
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The gate is the mouth that accept enrages, the company is bustling, also or it is there is few visitors, with the azimuth be closely bound up of the gate. But how to make gate can the gas of pay life flourishing? The door that that is about to see a gate to. Because gate and industry are concerned, because this grinds from azimuth of the five elements,sentence, the following front can offer a choice.

The five elements belongs to golden industry:

Traffic of travel of gold of hardware headgear, gem, car, financial bank, mechanical mining, appraisal extracts, manager of official of judicatory lawyer, government, profession, athletic sports. Appropriate sits on the west eastwards, sit southeast northwest, sit Dong Xiangxi, sit northwest to southeast.
The five elements belongs to wooden industry:
   Culture is published, newspapers and periodicals, literature is artistic, act art things of career, style, coach education, flowers is cultivated, products of vegetable fruit, wood, personage of medical treatment things, medical personnel, religion, spin makes accountant of design of the garment, fashionable dress, civil service wait. Appropriate sits on the west eastwards, sit northwest to southeast, sit northeast to southwest, sit southwest is northeast.
The five elements belongs to the industry of water:
Insurance is promoted, nautical boat Wu, refrigerant food, aquiculture, travel guides buy, fire control of equipment of reporter of magic, editor, fishing, put out a fire, commerce carries clean sanitation, circus, meal wine shop. Appropriate sits south northerly, sit boreal Xiang Na.
The five elements belongs to igneous industry:

Combustible article, edible is oily kind, firework of electric equipment of technology of hot drink cooked food, maintenance, computer, electron, optical eye, advertisement photographs collection, adornment to make up, the lamp acts the role of furnace to provide. Toy hairdressing. Appropriate sits boreal Xiang Na, sit Dong Xiangxi, sit southeast northwest.

The five elements belongs to earthy industry:
Landed key is built, homebred pasturage, jade porcelain, advisory broker, housing materials, adornment is decorated, leather goods, flesh kind treatment, hotel is managed, public place of entertainment. Appropriate sits south northerly. Sit northeast to southwest, sit southwest is northeast.

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