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Reducing loan interest rate is attempt an ineffective solution nevertheless to l
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Accuse think, interest rate reduces the reimbursement pressure that is helpful for reducing the person that mortgage loan to buy a room, but to buying a room person, the month of every months of 0.6 % is offerred reduce extent opposite at tall house price it is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation. The research report of golden negotiable securities points out the country, bencili rate is reduced can reduce charge of finance affairs of landed company whole and capitalization accrual to make an appointment with 425 million yuan, be equivalent to 2007 1.4% of the profit before duty, profit good impact is not clear.

To convey the confidence of pair of company foreground, share of this week banking market was in charge of collective high to buy stock of 390 thousand oneself, the large shareholder plan of A of city of overseas Chinese of culmination city agree is added inside 12 months hold the company stock that does not exceed 2 % . But for the investor with these firm to bedding bag messages, it is nevertheless " attempt an ineffective solution " , the information with adverse to the industry more followings sb's heels and come.

This week, rongcheng develops to add hair A publicly application did not obtain card inspect to be able to be passed, be apart from a company to appear on the market right now mere a year zero month; Much human relations the single-crop farming situation that share develops to break through estate, with 120 million yuan buy total prices to buy Shanghai alone far investment to manage limited company 40% equity, develop to mining industry domain; In the new job resource that establishs meaning of the generation that do mine (Singapore) after limited company, company of 10 thousand estate invests 225 million yuan again, another name for Hubei province holds subscribe Inner Mongolia in the palm 45 % equity of company of finite liability of cooking of coal of Ke Qihao source.

Afore-mentioned real estate appear on the market the announcement of the company makes clear, the adjustment of landed industry period did not end far. Last year, real estate board piece bovine gas is towering, many appearing on the market the company recombines through asset in succession change estate to development. Mere one year many hind, for " dispersive risk " , the numerous and landed company such as company of 10 thousand estate devotes into mining industry and energy field, wide world group still plans to initiate hold water small loan limited company.

After the Central Bank reduces loan interest rate, the research report that Guo Taijun installs thinks this action is indicating lower interest cycle spreads out formally, it is a long-term interest to real-estate industry good. This report points out, borrow in dweller room successive after 6 months drop compared to the same period, long-term kind loan went now to fall first June; The room borrows the dweller August to drop compared to the same period 65 billion yuan, bring about long-term kind loan drops 73 billion yuan, the atrophy of demand of long term loan means interest rate of financial orgnaization loan to lie probably drop passageway.
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