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Foreign capital again and again undersell China asset can be pulled out from Chi
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It is whole that a lot of foreign capital are bought dish (the project is bought) sweep the deck, and buy when this kind after finishing, the mark sex price that often forms area of some of a city again. When estate when the market is hot, the price principle that develops business is not cost adds profit, join the price of megacycle edge project however. From this, the project price level that foreign capital buys can rise to lead action undoubtedly.

So, does foreign capital sell Chinese asset is what to reason stem from? Above all, the Chinese property that before a few years foreign capital buys (give priority to) with commercial real estate, the price rises considerable, in prospective market prospect not clear case falls, gain profit finish is advisability undoubtedly lift. Next, former foreign capital buys a of Chinese floor space main reason, it is to stem from pair of RMB asset to appreciate of the space hopeful anticipate. And this kind anticipates, as the occurrence of a few variable elements, more and more doubtful decided.

The development course that reviews economy of these a few years of our country can see, driving foreign trade exit is to pull one of main reasons that move development of Chinese economy high speed. The huge surplus of foreign trade is to build in " China is made " over unique price competition ability. Advantage of this kind of price results from the price advantage of each factor of production. Price of the sources of energy, land price, labour force price, raw material price very cheap, make China becomes world plant. Actually, the formation of system of this kind of price, implied direct or indirect subsidy of the government.

Look from current condition, administration has realized, new to be the economy of cost to develop mode to should give with sacrificial environment and resource examine. The near future, concern ask for resource duty, those who raise price of the sources of energy is second reading rise to surface gradually. If price mechanism is straightened stage by stage, will naturally affect exit so and affect the trend that RMB exchange rate moves toward then. From this, foreign capital is cast row people reason sees weak RMB asset, the act with praedial undersell also can understand it seems that. Can deny as to foreign capital withdraw entirely, and whether is foreign capital still met stage a come back, depend on greatly probably the trend sex of RMB exchange rate changes.

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