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Guangzhou office building is moved to save the market to may want urgently to de
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Get the concussion of big city, sale of skill office building clinchs a deal relatively Dan Jing, of Central Plains dog data shows, guangzhou clinchs a deal to have 27 only last week, clinch a deal area in all 3027 square metre, a week before comparing dropped 40% . "Guangzhou also is in nevertheless in the office building of carry out 10 less than, the money amount that can sell is not much, but sale plan is clear recently rein in, clinch a deal the quantity has bigger atrophy, put in depreciating pressure. " Zhu Hui analysis says, office building product and house are different, it sells itself unhappily usually, business of a few development is in residential market there have capital pressure, in commercial real estate here want to sell a few more quickly, so that can be residential help sb to deal with an emergency, but also can not magnify effectively clinch a deal quantity. Zhu Hui thinks, if clinch a deal at present,continue atrophic, do not eliminate to be able to a few develop chamber of commerce " move real " begin to depreciate to office building, nevertheless, the situation should arrive by September at the beginning of October ability is Anacreontic rise.

Big clinch a deal foreign capital has confidence

The price hiring carry out of two hand office building, also be the another element with strong price of supportive skill office building. The data with landed Central Plains shows, at the beginning of September, guangzhou building city " fall " in sound, hire of building of two handwritten words is firm still in have litre, "It is to belong to the sort of comparison to rise blandly, not be bouncing type. " Zhu Hui expresses, this kind of tariff shows, attracted a lot of foreign capital, continue to value the office building market of Guangzhou. Compare two ground of Shanghai, Beijing, the astute office building that invests a guest to value Guangzhou hires price to still belong to petty gain, have very large ascendant space. Central Plains real estate is handling the big business of level of many ten million recently, proved this.

Be located in the cosmopolitan square of CBD of north of the Milky way, get the favour of provincial investor, this building rectified an office building to clinch a deal recently, the price exceeds 20 million yuan, in another heat new city of Pearl River of door plank piece, former landed collection gets odd pen in 150 million yuan clinch a deal. The stock market is at present big defeat, the company of a fund of Beijing plans to throw 400 million yuan, entrust Central Plains to buy below one whole building to close hire, dissolve stock market risk. Pushing in heat medium in petrifaction edifice, a foreign company is swung give many yuan 4000, buy next rectifying a building, gross area amounts to 2000 square metre. And in east wind the office building of violet garden international east, appeared the form that Guangzhou this locality buys the home, bought 6 units at a heat, experience endowment many yuan 1000, value invest redound for a long time among them.
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