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Fitch Fuxing City in the sale of existing homes registration office 63-300 squ
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City is located in Fuxing Fitch 28 Xu Dong Avenue, Wuchang (Wang Jia Dun Station), City Fuxing Fitch hardcover in the sale of 63-300 square meters of existing homes registration office, by decreasing the time! 1600 square meters is the king of the ultimate sale shop, stable income 7% 8 years! Fitch Fuxing Town houses remaining in the sale of a 92 m two-bedroom, total 1.01 million, equivalent to unit price of 11,000 yuan / sq. Fitch Fuxing City Link is located in the core area of the city, Xu Center of Wuhan East Lake and Sand Lake is the middle of the lake area, near East Lake and Sand Lake to enjoy the beautiful natural resources. The total area of about 15 million square meters, total construction area of 590,000 square meters, 30% green space. Divided into 6 major independent north-south block, each block are in a unique urban functions, but also as a great city together. Currently, such models also are making the country's first city. Fuxing International City, located in the upscale residential general the main entertainment, leisure, commercial, commercial office, multi-purpose cultural complex as a whole property. Fuxing International City made the city a total building area of 168603 M ^ 2, the total number of 1460; Xudong Avenue, adjacent to the east, according to South Metro, Renaissance Hotel, north of the Yangtze River Bridge, set commercial street, apartment, housing as one, "colorful" as the design theme, all reflect the "brilliant" Life Show! Fuxing International City to present a "matrix City" concept of the planning of the advanced features Commercial Street, subject commercial centers, hotels, apartments, high-rise residential and leisure plaza building. Cloud features unique architectural style commercial street, 2-4 layer design, local top-level design with clouds, high-level elevator, the bottom transparent clouds, the formation of a good first interface to create a commercial street in central Venetian interlude shopping atmosphere. While detail design on the use of large area glass windows to improve indoor lighting, increased business communication with the outside world. Apartment, close to Xudong Avenue, a unique external flow line shape, breaking the monotony of commercial buildings Xu previous expression. Streamline simple design, rich layers of space; per floor viewing windows are also functional area clear, static and dynamic separation of independent work within the district, outside balcony with view to expand the interior space. Provide residents with a comfortable feeling of space with high taste.