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Double-park policy to benefit area Class A office buildings Maohua
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Jing Maohua Maohua city buildings and high-end residential, LOFT apartments, Commercial Street and will be nearly 2 million square meters, the Central Park together form a 25 million square meters of the international complex building complex. Mature regional temperament, thick Jingxi geopolitical context, modern technology, business facilities, international standard planning, building form Maohua the Launch of the leading business platform for West Beijing. Settled in Zhongguancun Science Park, enterprises can enjoy preferential policies Shijingshan Park, to benefit industry, the tax aspects. Government give full play to the park in Zhongguancun industrial development policies to support cultural and creative industries in Beijing Shijingshan District policy and the policy overlay edge features, integration of national cohesion, the Beijing platform for projects of various categories of resources to support the rapid development of enterprises. Maohua building area of 28,800 square meters total construction, with the same strain of New York Empire State Building ART DECO style facade, elegant and noble, as Jingxi a model for the business office.