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November Check out a new high of 54 suites have said back make sense
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Sound in the property market prices, 11 month check volume continues to rise. Housing Authority announced yesterday in Nanjing in November (October 17 -11 16) of the "Check List", showing an increase of Nanjing, check out this month, 54 units, more than October 6 sets, this year Check out the amount of monthly high. A survey, check out the reason is still not approved because of the mortgage down investment properties with a number of obvious buyers who have started to "spit room." Check Notice that 54 sets of check-out mainly from the Lishui, Pukou, Luk and Jiangning other suburban real estate, check out the main city of only 17 sets, including the check-out up to 24 sets of Lishui, and continued in October features. Hao Yun from the south of the time check out a set of properties for sale, area 127.5 square meters, priced 14,498 yuan / square meter, customers purchase in May, down 3 percent wanted to, but because the two sets of mortgage tightening down payment must be and raise interest rates by more than 5. A real estate source said: "beyond the budget of buyers who choose the check-out." It is understood that Hao Yun time the average price of housing in the sale of 16,000 yuan / square meters, this check out the price of 1,000 yuan cheaper. Revealed that a bank officer, and some buyers who are strange, when applying for loans to conceal their real estate situation, clearly that "only one suite," while a search is "more suites," have a client even in the real estate registration department of investigation to 10 house, said he is the first suite, really not worried, apparently to luck Piandai type of investment clients, "This is one of the reasons led to check out more." There are developers that some buyers are "both ways", a close look at the recent regulation, have begun to join check out force. For example, a purchase for the good people of this one-time payment, but the third set of policies that the purchase of housing, for this reason he was chosen to check out immediately, "no way, wrapped around, however, return it." Check out the 10 month Yaohao, 47 sets of 3 sets of check-out is second only to subscribe, 28th of this month, check out these new 摇号 will be open to further sales. The industry believes that if the new real estate prices continued to go down and check out is bound to be a "chicken."