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Dongguan, a little hot commercial real estate commercial office space rental i
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Industry have suggested that the first time, investors can first try less risky property "9.29" New Deal increased the property market down, interest also increased, many investors began to seek alternative investment channels. In recent interviews with reporters, he moved to Dongguan, some investors began to commercial real estate, the recent commercial , Office turnover has increased slightly. Analysis of industry experts, as the New Deal terms were not involved in commercial real estate, if the residential investor capital increase, there must be some investors to turn to commercial real estate. But experts suggest the best choice for investment risk is relatively small commercial properties. Phenomenon: a little hot commercial real estate after the New Deal Full house Dongguan Branch Director Xuehui Ming told reporters after the introduction of the second New Deal shops, offices and prices are modest volume increase, full house data show that the amount of office rental growth of 15% qoq , Modest price increases, rose by 2%, while the amount of the rental shops in the chain increased 10%. Kim LaSalle Marketing Luo letter also said: "The shops are largely in Dongguan in short supply situation, the market has been relatively fire. Dongguan recent turnover of the limited supply of shops, chain volume in September Rise slightly, the chain increased about 5%, slightly higher prices. " Co-general manager of Dongguan rich home Xiaowei Jia also said that after the introduction of the New Deal, because the investment space narrowing of the housing market, many of the original investors will invest in residential market, commercial property market to investment, which To some extent, will promote the commercial property transactions in Dongguan, but only slight growth. Yet rising prices remain stable Xiaowei Jia said that as the switch to commercial real estate is now part of the earlier buyers of commercial property is not a deep understanding of the investment is the first commercial property investment, the current stays in the wait stage, a real shot The buyer is not that much, so there is no substantial increase in turnover. Thus, although the New Deal role in promoting a more prosperous but now lots of shops, Dongguan and office prices have not significantly improved, shops remain at the price of 20,000 yuan / square meters, and office space in 7000 Yuan to 8,000 yuan / square meter. Reason: Some investors moved to commercial real estate Dongguan commercial real estate transactions for a small increase in second-hand, full house, Dongguan Branch Director Xuehui Ming said: "In commercial real estate has been a down payment of funds into five, the New Deal terms were not involved in commercial real estate, if it continues to cast Investor-owned housing costs increased, some investors will inevitably lead to commercial real estate. Secondly, the commercial real estate continues to improve the quality, light rail, shops, offices and other favorable conditions to stimulate high rate of return, making the commercial real estate has gradually been good. In addition, continue to compete with the residential, residential natural birth of the need for new commercial facilities to meet the daily needs of residents, commercial real estate development so as to provide a huge space. " Kai Lin Fu Jing home market manager also said that second-hand housing loans and tax policy adjustments that narrow channel of housing investment, together with the appreciation of the potential commercial properties and stability advantages, diverted to the commercial property investment Inevitable. Kim LaSalle Marketing Letter Luo analysis, the New Deal on the second-hand commercial real estate has a certain role, but mainly depends on market demand, investment in commercial real estate, or to choose the market demand, and strong liquidity Commercial properties, such risk is relatively small. Recommendation: Investment in commercial real estate taxes should pay attention to Second-hand commercial real estate for the future development of Dongguan, housing estate, general manager of Xia Yufei world that, if used to invest in Dongguan, the election of a commercial real estate is worth the investment, for example, those who can invest in commercial Wadi Such as the East regional, while South City Government during the recent municipal investment is also increasing, very appreciation of space. Co-general manager of Dongguan Fu Xiaowei Jia proposed home for the first time investors in commercial real estate investment should note the following: First, the appreciation potential of the property and development prospects, investment in commercial property is very important, some investors because the initial investment, the amount invested will be relatively cautious, controlled at between 100 million ~ 200 million, when However, investment in shops but the price may not be wise to look at, and sometimes may experience some 400 million to 500 million in investment value of more shops, this time we must consider the overall appreciation of the space. Second, we must pay attention to tax issues, investment in commercial properties with residential investment, the cost difference is that taxes, the situation of these costs, Xiaowei Jia investors to understand before investing. Finally, rents, investment in commercial office rents will inevitably involve the question of return, particularly those with a lease of commercial property investors to ensure future revenues, on the rental return should also be understood in advance The.