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Tangshan office NGN showroom officially open the Bohai Sea World
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September 9, 2010, the Bohai Sea World (details Forum album) officially open for inter-office model and the opening reception at the beginning of a large number of customer inquiries.

New World is located in downtown Tangshan Bohai Avenue - New West Road, 88, standing on the original site of the Bohai Sea theaters. The project with its futuristic atmosphere of the avant-garde designs, into the western portal area of Tangshan City, one of the landmark buildings.

Bohai Sea World format include residential, commercial, office space. The project office is a beautiful landscape. Meters high straight posture, from the ancient Greek goddess temple facade rhythm, so that it appeared by the beginning of community concern.

, Respectively, between the opening of this model shows 49m2, 80 m2, 100 m2 of office space of three creative, entrepreneurial enterprises are located, the development of enterprise and business pioneer. Publicity in the process of real estate projects in Tangshan, Bohai Sea is the first time the New World showroom open for inter-office products into the model scenarios show. Through a model of human inter-scene show, not only enables customers to thoroughly understand the office products, but also allows customers to intuitively feel the business atmosphere of the future in this office.