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Apartment of Shenzhen business affairs becomes investment new heat
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Last year in October, building city rapid changeover, "Depreciate " wind spreads in the whole nation, then " fight drop " the reason buying a room that becomes the person that buy a room.
What kind of Lou Pancai is fought drop? Interviewed numerous estate to develop company and intermediary representative company, everybody thinks: A sector of an area good, product is rare be short of, door model the house property with distinctive, reasonable price, just be to protect a value and fight dropping house property.
And investment redound tall, risk is little, appreciate the hotel type boarding house with big potential, it is professional personage thinks to be had most protect a value to fight drop the breed of ability.

With world synchronism

2005 second half of the year, shenzhen collect lake and blessing cropland effect of business affairs of two big CBD is accumulative, make the position of Shenzhen and action more dash forward show, urban image promotes further, the urban business affairs of high quality, new connotation is able to be born. Hotel type apartment, fall in such setting just about, flourishingly and unripe.
When traditional business affairs mode cannot have satisfied the demand of the industry of rapid fission and economic activity, when business affairs office building faces more extensive, multivariate contemporary economy activity, the outbreak of hotel type apartment in urban core is inevitable.
This year, head with international of gold of luxuriant industry world, the apartment of Beijing wide international, Xin Liang that spends the hotel apartment such as half lis of annexe to become economy of urban business affairs is nodded. Deep south the core that the highway is Shenzhen is arterial. Have effect of all in all business affairs accumulation, regard the center of Shenzhen as the hub, it is urban business affairs and fortune " the soul " . World gold international is located in deep south by the highway, its are main compose builds " hotel of CEO double entry " realize internationalization for Shenzhen business affairs, established a foundation with world synchronism. The hotel type apartment of the downtown of a batch of cities such as apartment of wide international of Beijing of world gold international is an enterprise to offerred platform of efficient international business affairs to also promote the development of Shenzhen economy thereby in core area of the city.

Hotel type apartment becomes heat

Hotel type apartment, the price wants than the residence commonly tall, but fight drop the gender is more ambitious than the residence. Those who cross the frequent business affairs activity between the country and tourism is flourishing, make Shenzhen hotel and service type apartment long-term be in heat to hire condition. Its investment value is very considerable. On one hand, having higher living value, on the other hand, having higher return rate and investment value, make hotel type apartment becomes the another investment heat after afterwards business shop, office building.
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